Geosciences (Master of Science)

Conditions of admission


Course content and focus areas  Geoscience examines temporal and spatial changes in Earth’s system, changes that are linked to the features and material composition of geo matter by observing, measuring and modelling. The dimensions range from the smallest temporal and spatial units (e.g. atmospheric discharges or crystalline structures) up to the age of Earth, the global continental drift and mantle convection. The diverse interactions require intensive co-operation among very different disciplines.

At the Department of Geoscience/Geography at Goethe Universität Frankfurt, these disciplines are meteorology, physical geography, geology, palaeontology, mineralogy and geophysics. There are also close links with the Senckenberg Museum and the Institute of Applied Geosciences at TU Darmstadt. Lectures given by members of both institutions are included in the programme. The Master’s programme in Geoscience is based on traditional earth sciences and students receive instruction in geology, palaeontology, geophysics and mineralogy. The Master’s programme can follow a Bachelor’s degree. Students on the study programme can specialise in geology, geophysics, mineralogy or palaeontology.
Detailed information Information from the department
Study regulations
Degree Master of Science in Geosciences
Duration The standard length of study for the Master of Science is 4 semesters.
Languages of instruction German
Start of the programme The study programme starts at the beginning of the winter or summer semester.
Student advisory service Adviser of the diffenrent disciplines

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Conditions of admission

Admission requirements
  • Precondition for admission to the Master’s programme is a Bachelor’s degree in Geoscience from a German higher education institution or a Bachelor’s degree in Geoscience or another natural sciences degree that is recognised as equivalent by the examination board
  • The examination board decides who is admitted onto the Master’s programme, and whether exceptions can be made if necessary, based on the request submitted by candidates. The application must include the usual documents such as records, certificates, CV etc. as well as a ‘diploma supplement’ and a short written statement about the student’s concrete plans for the study programme (e.g. the desired specialist area).
  • The student must have satisfactory English language skills as some lectures are also taught in English. 
  • Applicants who do not have a German university entrance qualification, nor do they have a degree from a German higher education institution, are obliged to submit proof of adequate German language skills.
Provisional admission All students who would like to finish their studies this semester and are interested in starting a Master’s programme in Geoscience at Goethe Universität immediately after the Bachelor’s degree (per e-mail), must apply for admission to the Bachelor’s thesis no later than six weeks after the start of the semester at the examination office (e-mail:
The request must include the following data:
1.    personal information (name, matriculation number, contact details)
2.    name of the tutor
3.    subject of the Bachelor’s thesis
4.    list of all the successfully completed modules that have achieved at least 110 CPs
5.    proof of the successfully completed seminar from BP6

For more information, see §23 of the study regulations for the Bachelor of Science in Geoscience  (
The students and tutors concerned will receive written confirmation giving the starting date of the thesis once the request has been checked.
In the event the request for admission is submitted at a later date, the certificates stating the completion of the Bachelor’s degree that are necessary for the studies to continue may not be issued in time.
Mode of admission Admission is not restricted. Students will be admitted directly if the admission requirements are met in full.

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Documents to be submitted
  • if you are not already enrolled at Goethe-University Frankfurt:
    university entrance qualification (e.g. A-Levels)
  • Bachelor’s degree certificate
  • if the Bachelor's degree has not yet been completed:
    a transcript of records or equivalent document listing the content of the study programme and average grade
  • Letter of Motivation
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • if the first degree was obtained at an international higher education institution:
    certificate of German language skills. See here for more information about the required German language skills.
  • you may need to submit other documents depending on your country of origin and your previous education; please see the general information about applying for a Master’s degree.
Deadline for applications

01.05. - 31.08. for the winter semester
01.12. - 31.01. for the summer semester

Address for applications Online application portal for the Master’s programmes  

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