German language courses (DSH)

German language courses (DSH) during the semester:

On the basis of the placement test the German language courses (DSH) can be attended as a two-semester-program (Aufbaustufe (developing phase) + Oberstufe (advanced level)) or as a one-semester-program (Oberstufe (advanced level)).

The course lessons include reading comprehension, listening comprehension, writing, linguistic structures and oral communication. Furthermore, within the tutorial we offer you a program giving you orientation and further information on the university. Beyond that you can participate in additional cost-free and voluntary programs (English, Computer Skills, Preparatory Courses in Law, Financial Mathematics for Economists).

All applicants who have a direct university admission are entitled to these courses. Please click here for details on the application process.

Those who want to participate in a German language course (DSH) are required to do the placement test in September or in March. The courses take place during the lecture period of the university. 

The German language courses (DSH) are offered on a twenty-hour basis. The additional programs each take up three to four hours extra. We will provide you with the course material.

The course schedules are as follows: 

The morning courses are from Monday to Friday at 8 A.M. to 1.15 P.M..

The midday courses are from Monday to Friday at 10.45 A.M. to 4.15 P.M..

The afternoon courses are from Monday to Friday at 12.45 P.M. to 5.45 P.M..

The Course Fee is 705 € plus the semester fees for students. By paying the semester fees you are granted a student’s status. The Goethe Card that will be handed out to you is your enrollment certificate as well as your semester ticket. You are then entitled to use university facilities such as the canteen, the language laboratory or the libraries. 

For further details on the courses please contact the DSH-teachers during their office hours.

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