GO-IN - Goethe International Post-Doc Programme

Mentoring & Training


Fellows will receive extensive support through a mentoring programme. The mentoring concept comprises two levels, Research/Research Area-related and social. First will take place on the level of the participating Research Areas, the second on programme and university level.

Mentoring in the Research Area

Each fellow is supervised by a Supervisor (scientist in charge of the team in which he/she works) and a Mentor (another team leader to give interdisciplinary input). In addition, a Peer-Tutor (scientist at postdoc level at the Research Area) serves to support social and practical integration in the Research Area.

The fellow should meet Supervisor and Mentor on a regular basis for scientific exchange on the fellow’s project. Fellows are requested to make a development plan with their Mentor and Supervisor shortly after they started their fellowship. It is meant to help plan the fellowship in respect to reaching the scientific goals of the fellow’s project and future career goals by defining milestones for the time of the fellowship.

Social Mentoring

To help the fellows to integrate into the university and in Germany, various offers are being made on a programme and university level, eg. by the Welcome Center. Detailled information is to follow.


Fellows will receive a training individually tailored to their career stage and current training level. The goal is to prepare the fellows for the conduction of their research project and for their further career development. Training comprehends research-specific measures in the Research Areas and overall courses from other university units.

Training in the Research Areas

Training in the Research Areas will focus on measures relating the research issues of the fellow’s project. Apart from the Training-through-research by conducting the research project, each Research Area offers a wide range of training opportunities in their respective topics and themes.

First of all, the fellows are integrated in the team of their Supervisor and can attend its specific courses and workshops if relevant to their project, comprising eg.: Regular colloquia resp. lab meetings, weekly research seminars or annual retreats.

The fellows are furthermore involved in exchanges between teams, network meetings, dissemination of results and other events at the Research Area.

These activities will help their research skills, while they also foster their management, communication and presentation skills.


Fellows are offered to take part in the postdoc courses of the Goethe Graduate Academy (GRADE). A portfolio of suitable courses will be published on the GRADE website every semester.

Main areas of the workshop programme are:

  • Inter- and transdisciplinary skills and intercultural awareness
  • Transferable skills (Science, Management, Career Tools)

Offers by the Gleichstellungsbüro

Female fellows have access to all the offers by the Gleichstellungsbüro, especially the “Career Support” programme.

Language Courses

German Language courses can be taken with the Goethe Institute Frankfurt at all levels.

Please contact the Programme Manager beforehand as they might help organise a special group for the GO-IN fellows. Please note that the fellow has to pay the course in advance and will be reimbursed if he/she passes the final test, therefore proving he/she took part in the course. One 8 week course per fellow will be covered.

Goethe University also offers a summer programme: http://www.frankfurter-sommerkurse.de/

Some English courses are available at GRADE. There is also the opportunity to learn languages online with Campus Language Training.