GO-IN - Goethe International Post-Doc Programme


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On this page you will find answers to frequently asked questions concerning the GO-IN programme. The list is not exhaustive though, but grows. If you have a further question about GO-IN, please send us an e-mail: goin@uni-frankfurt.de

Frequently asked questions about:
GO-IN programm and application
Selection process
During the fellowship
Around the fellowship

GO-IN Programm and application

  • How many GO-IN Fellowships are available
    In total, we have 40 fellowship years available over the period from 2012 to 2017. How many are available in the current round will be advertised on the call website

  • How much is a Fellowship worth?
    Fellows receive 5475 Euros per month before taxes and social contributions (like health and unemployment insurance). This includes a living and travel and mobility allowance. If fellows bring their own children, another 380 Euros will be added per month.
    Mind that taxes and social contributions in Germany are quite high. Furthermore, a research cost contribution of 800 Euros per month (lab-based research) or 500 Euros per month (theoretical research) is allocated to a fellowship.

  • What is the deadline for applications?
    The deadline for the next round of applications will be available on the call website

  • Where have the applications to be sent or submitted?
    Documents have to be submitted online by email to goin@uni-frankfurt.de

  • How many applications can be submitted?
    Only one application can be submitted per round per person. To apply anew in the next round after being rejected is possible though. The regular requirements apply.

  • Should documents be submitted in English or German/ What is the language use in the application?
    The application should be in English.

  • Will you take career breaks into account?/ Due to maternity leave?
    Career breaks or phases of part-time work due to maternity leave or reduction will be deducted from your research experience respectively. For a female candidate each child will result in a reduction of the research experience by two years, for male applicants it will be reduced by the period of parental leave, if taken, plus three months.

  • Is there any age limit for taking part in the selection?
    There is no age limit as such, but you may not have more than 10 years of full-time research experience.

  • Which nationalities are eligible for the fellowships?
    All nationalities are eligible, but you may not have spent more than 6 months in Germany in the past three years in total.

  • Can I apply if I have been working at the Goethe-University for the last few months?
    You may not have spent more than 6 months in Germany in the past 3 years at the point of the application deadline. If your contract has been running for less and you have not been in Germany otherwise in the past three year, you are eligible to apply.

  • What type of labour contract will be signed by the researchers?
    The contract will be based on the model contracts for Marie Curie Fellows.

  • I made a mistake in my application and I have submitted it - can I change it?
    If you are within the application deadline, please contact us and we accept another version: goin@uni-frankfurt.de

  • What happens to incomplete applications?
    Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

  • Is it possible to apply for a scholarship without a PhD certificate?
    Since careers in research regularly require a PhD degree, we focus the programm on postdoctoral candidates.

  • Are German language skills required?
    German skills are not obligatory, unless they are required for conducting the research project. However it is recommendable to have basic knowledge for everyday life and integration. We offer fellows the opportunity to take German classes during their time in Frankfurt.


Selection process

  • Does the selection process involve an interview? Is it possible to have a telephone interview?
    The selection involves a Skype interview for those rated highest by the Selection Committees. For further information on the selections process see: Application Guide

  • When will I know if my application has been preselected? When will candidates be informed about the final results?
    Applicants will be informed on every decision taken in the course of the selection process (acknowledgement of receipt of the application, eligibility of application, decision of the Selection Committee, decision after Skype interview and final decision by the Supervisory Board). The final decision is communicated roughly about 3 months after the application deadline.

  • If my application is successful, when will the fellowship start?
    The start date of fellowships in the current round is published on the call website  

During the fellowship

  • Is there any kind of mentoring?
    Fellows will be integrated in the research group or institute of their chosen mentor, who will advise them on the course of their project. Furthermore, the fellows will be supported by another supervisor close to their research field. Also we will establish a peer-mentor system bringing the fellows together with another post doc.

  • How long does a GO-IN Fellowship last? Is a Fellowship prolongable?
    Fellowships can last between 12 and 24 months. The duration depends on the project length suggested in the application, which will have to be confirmed by the committees during the selection procress.

Around the fellowship

  • Do I need private health insurance?
    Being employed by the Goethe University, fellows have access to statutory health insurance.

  • What about a Dual Career Service at Goethe-University?
    Unfortunately there is no Dual Career Service available for post docs at Goethe University yet.