Nina Holst

office 4.155 / IGF-Haus
phone: 069 / 798-32350

office hours
Write me an email for office hours. 
Everything from the Introduction to Literary Studies is in Zi17. Everything else is in 4.153, just drop by the office.



Nina Holst teaches at the IEAS since 2010. She has co-organized conferences on television studies and age and queer studies (see below). In her phD project, she investigates the relationships between subjectivity and technology as they are represented in contemporary literature, film and television (working title: Eject - Subjects in Electronic Networks).

Second chair of the Calliopean Society.
Gleichstellungsbeauftragte (2013-2018).
Mittelbauvertretung at the Forschungszentrum für Historische Geisteswissenschaften (2014-18).