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We study the structural organization of biomolecules in cells applying novel microscopic techniques that provide single-molecule sensitivity and a spatial resolution below the diffraction limit.

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Oct 1st 2017: Mark joined the group for his PhD thesis -- Welcome!!

August 9th 2017: Our new share-server is up and running! See: share.smb.uni-frankfurt.de

July 1st 2017: Steffi Wegner joined the group as our new secretary. -- Welcome!!

June 30th 2017: After so many enjoyable years we want to thank Renate Gregori for her commitment and kindness and wish her all the best for the future!

May 8th 2017: Press release of a study on how bacteria defend themselves against salmonella bacteria in actual topics in science and research at Goethe University. (see publications)

Apr 18th 2017: Tim joined the group for his PhD thesis -- Welcome!!

Apr 10th 2017: Our group chat is up and running! See: chat.smb.uni-frankfurt.de

Mar 1st 2017: Marie-Lena has been awarded a travel grant from Boehringer Ingelheim to perform FCCS and Imaging FCS studies in Thorsten Wohlands lab at the NU Singapore.

Feb 1st 2017: Mara joined the group for her Master thesis -- Welcome!!

Dec 13: Three more papers online: clustering, counting and LAMA (see publications)

Dec 1st 2016: Karoline joined the group for her Master thesis -- Welcome!!

Oct 1st 2016: Marie-Lena joined the group for her PhD thesis -- Welcome!!

Sept 2016: The LocAlization Microscopy Analyzer  (LAMA), a software tool that contains several well-established data post processing algorithms for single-molecule localization microscopy (SMLM) data was accepted for publication.

May 27th 2016: SMB at the ICREA International Symposium for BioNanoVision of Cellular Architecture in Barcelona: Anika's project was accepted for a talk, and Franziska won a  prize for the best poster presentation -- Congratulations!!

May 1st 2016: Alexandre joined the group as a senior postdoctoral researcher -- Welcome!!

Mar 1st 2016: Nina and Mathilda joined the group for their PhD thesis -- Welcome!!

Feb 15th 2016: Franzi successfully defended her PhD thesis -- Congratulations!!

Jan 16th 2016: Two manuscripts online: PCNA dynamics and live cell labeling (see publications)

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