Wintersemester 2014/15

14. Oktober 2014

Dr. Mai-Lin Tjoa-Bonatz (FU Berlin)
"Debates on Indonesia’s Cultural Heritage:a way to access the past"
Ort: Campus Bockenheim, Jur. 717
Zeit: 16.00 Uhr c.t.

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30. Oktober 2014

Professor Jean-Pascal Bassino (Lyon University)
"Path dependencies in East Asia in historical perspective"
Ort: Campus Westend, HZ 4
Zeit: 14.00 Uhr s.t.

4. November 2014

Prof. Chung, Hyun Kyung (Union Theological Smeinary, New York)
"Love Meets Wisdom: Christian-Buddhist Dialogue in Korea from a Gender Perspective"
Ort: Campus Bockenheim, Jur. 717
Zeit: 18.00 Uhr s.t.

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