Modern East Asian Studies (MEAS)

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About us

The departments for economics, law, social sciences and cultural studies of Goethe University have joined their forces to create a new interdisciplinary M.A. program in Modern East Asian Studies (MEAS). In a truly interdisciplinary sense, the biennial M.A. program accommodates both students with a B.A. degree in Asia related cultural studies, and students with a B.A. degree in economics, law, or social sciences. In the basic course program, students with a background in cultural studies will be introduced into the methodologies and concepts of economics, law and social sciences, whereas students with a background in economics, law, or social sciences concentrate on the adoption of one Asian language (Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Indonesian). Moreover, all students are required to jointly participate in a core program and in a variety of elective courses in which they learn to apply their methodological and theoretical knowledge and their language skills to social, legal and economic problems encountered in contemporary East Asia. During two years of intensive studies, students will not only mature to experts on modern Asia, but also develop methodological, theoretical as well as soft skills in interdisciplinary team work. Of course, the M.A. title qualifies for a professional career in international enterprises. The main focus of the Master program, however, is on qualifying young academics for an academic career.

The MEAS program is fully accredited by the Central Evaluation and Accreditation Agency Hanover.