Welcome to the website of "Theologie interkulturell"!

As the first chairman of “Theologie interkulturell e.V.”, I would like to welcome you and thank you for taking an interest in our interdisciplinary research and teaching project at the Department for Catholic Theology at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt-on-Main.

In 2014/2015, “Theologie interkulturell” celebrated its 30th anniversary. On this occasion, we have published our new brochure “30 Jahre Theologie interkulturell”, which provides an informative and clear overview of what “Theologie interkulturell” has achieved over the past three decades (see publishings). In many respects, the brochure documents an extraordinary success story since the founding of the Department for Catholic Theology at the Goethe University in Frankfurt-on-Main in 1985. Our jubilee coincides with the 100th anniversary of the Goethe University and with the closure of the Second Vatican Council, which lies 50 years ago. In this documented history, “Theologie interkulturell” would be inconceivable without those two references. 

We are delighted by the numerous important contacts and precious friendships that have emerged over the years. This has led to a cooperation between universities, nations and continents, generating impressive research results.

In 1985, the year “Theologie interkulturell” was founded, both the title and the aim of this research focus still sounded exotic, to some people even hazardous. Today, given intensified globalization processes and the worldwide violation of the fundamental notions of justice, peace and the preservation of creation, barely anyone would question the significance and urgency of intercultural and interreligious dialogue.

Religious faith, theological reflection and social action founded on religious conviction are not confined to Western or European Christianity. Over the last three decades, “Theologie interkulturell” has developed to a project embracing and pervading both research and teaching across the subdisciplines of theology, which has remained unique in Germany and contributed to the standard profile of the Department for Catholic Theology at the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main.

“Theologie interkulturell” attempts to create a learning process on an academic level that does not only affect research within the different areas of theology. It also attempts to make students aware that religious faith, theological reflection and social action are not confined to Western and European Christianity and that global interdependence does not only exist at market level. This project intends to open up to the spirituality, faith and specific theology of women and men in different cultural contexts. This does not mean that we have to reject our own traditions. Rather, it implies that we have to include the dimensions of the universality of the church into research and teaching with a matter of course, and to expand personal theological horizons.

“Theologie interkulturell” depends on the commitment of its participants, on membership fees and donations. We are reliant on financial support in order to continue our project. I would like to invite and encourage you to use our website to discover more about the history and concerns of “Theologie interkulturell”, about our previous 30 guest professors and their work, and about the interdisciplinary and intercultural research projects and symposia that have unfolded since “Theologie interkulturell” was founded. I would also be delighted if you found time to use this website to learn more about the society sustaining this project, and the opportunities to support it.

I wish you an enriching voyage through 30 years of “Theologie interkulturell”!

Prof. Dr. Thomas Schreijäck