Theater-, Film- and Media-Science (Master of Arts)

Conditions of admission


Course content and focus areas 

The research-oriented Master’s degree programme Theatre, Film and Media Studies deals with presentation formats in the area of theatre, film and the media. Its objects are their aesthetic phenomena, theory, history, social and institutional prerequisites, technical conditions and modes of action. It integrates philosophical, art and cultural theory, historical, sociological and cultural economic questions in the subject-specific discussion. The programme of study pursues a critical-theoretical confrontation with artistic and media phenomena and is characterised by a decidedly international orientation.

The central point of the study programme is education to develop the ability to undertake independent problem-oriented reflection about current presentation formats in the area of theatre, film and the media. This capability is developed in an archeological and genealogical perspective and requires knowledge of the history, structure and systematics of the current forms of theatre, the performance, the dance, the film as an artistic and scientific-technical practice as well as technical and digital media. The study programme provides a humanities and theoretical and not a practical art education and sharpens the sensitivity for artistic procedures and strategies.

In contrast to practical art education programmes the Master’s degree programme qualifies one for a wide spectrum of activities and not just for certain narrow occupational fields. It imparts competences which enable one to take on demanding positions in the areas theatre, film, media, providing cultural knowledge as well as organisation and lays the foundation for scientific  further qualifications as part of a doctoral studies programme.

Detailed information

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Study regulations


Master of Arts in Theater-, Film- and Media-Science


The standard length of study for the Master of Arts is 4 semesters. 

Languages of instruction


Start of the programme

The study programme starts at the beginning of the wintersemester.

Student advisory service

You can find the student advisroy service here.

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Conditions of admission

Admission requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree or comparable degree in a similar subject
  • If you didn't study your Bachelor's degree in the field of
    "Theater-, Film- and Media Studies" at the Goethe-University:
    Transcript of Records and
    Extra page with the study-related courses (title of the course, research paper etc., CP and if possible the grade)
    Study related courses are courses in theory, aesthetics, history and analysis of theater, film and media.
  • Knowledge of two modern foreign languages (Niveau A2) or
    knowledge of one modern foreign language and skills in Latin or Greek
    (Especially good language skills in English and French are favoured)

    The language skills may be proven by:
    - secondary school records, with marks not less than ”inadequate (4.0)” or 5 points or
    - certificates of successfully completed language courses at German or foreign universities with at least 120 hours of language classes or 
    - expert reports or certificates of language skills acquired during study periods abroad, university language courses or in private studies or
    - certificates recognised as equal by the Institut für TFM
  • Letter of motivation
    The letter of motivation with an abstract for a deepening project, which clearifies the specific research interests of the applicant. The project will be further developed during the two-year study programme and prepare the final master thesis.
    The letter of motivation presents in particular the personal and specific interest in the Masters Course film culture, possibly with a description of previous professional or practical experience or relevant, even extra-curricular activities that can provide specific information on the ability for the Master's programme (maximum 700 words).
  • Internship in the area of Theater-, Film- and Media-Science is recommended (min. 4 weeks; the internship may have been completed as part of a bachelor's degree.). Proven internships (via confirmation) will be accounted with a bonus of 0,1 points in the application.
  • Applicants with an international university entrance qualification and Bachelor's degree must prove sufficient German language skills according to the regulations of the Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang (DSH), the German language test for university entrance.

Provisional admission

Provisional admission is possible on the basis of a current transcript of records; at least 80% of the required for the bachelor's degree CP (normally 144 credit points) must have been obtained; the Bachelor’s thesis must be finished or almost finished. Provisional admission is valid for 6 months. 

Mode of admission

Admission is restricted.

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Documents to be submitted

  • if you are not already enrolled at Universität Frankfurt:
    a university entrance qualification (e.g. A-Levels)
  • Bachelor’s degree certificate
  • if the Bachelor's degree has not yet been completed:
    - a Transcript of Records or equivalent document listing the content of the study programme and average grade
    - letter of recommendation from your supervisor (Download)
    - proof of current enrollment in the bachelor programme
  • if you didn't study your Bachelor's degree in the field of "Theater-, Film- and Media Studies" at the Goethe-University:
    - Transcript of Records and 
    - Extra page with the study-related courses (title of the course, research paper etc., CP and if possible the grade)
  • proof of language skills (Niveau A2)
  • letter of motivation
  • CV
  • if applicable Internship certificate with information about time, temporal extent, activities of the internship
  • Declaration of examination claim (Download)
  • if the first degree was obtained at an international higher education institution:
    certificate of German language skills. See here for more information about the required German language skills.
  • APS certificate for applicants from Vietnam, China and Mongolia (original)

Deadline for applications

01.04. - 31.05. (subject to committee approval)

Address for applications

Online application portal for Master's study programmes

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