Optisches Kabinett

WS 2017/18 
Ort: Tagesraum des Physikalischen Instituts, Max-von-Laue-Straße, 1. UG, Raum  _0.222
Zeit: Donnerstag; Beginn: 14:00 Uhr s.t.
Infos bei: Marcus Abt

Datum Vortragender Bemerkungen
26.10.17 Nicolas Mecklenbeck

Pseudo-heterodyne  detection method for s-SNOM 


Lena Schreiber

De-embedding procedure for the non-invasive characterization of hyperglycemic states in biological tissue using millimetre-wave spectroscopy
09.11.17   Technical developments of a (time-resolved) THz - s-SNOM
16.11.17  Alle Webauftritt AG Roskos
23.11.17 Shihab Al-Daffaie PC switches with CNTs
30.11.17  Florian Bürkle Hyperbolic metasurfaces
07.12.17  Giacomo Ulisse Plasma waveguides for vacuum electronics
14.12.17 Hui Yuan  Fourier Imaging
21.12.17 Christian Kexel Commuications with ultrasonic guided waves
11.01.18  Kinan Nasser Autler -Townes effect
18.01.18  Fanqi Meng Nonlinear dynamics of impurity states in doped semiconductors driven by intense THz pulses
25.01.18  Amit Shrestha Fabrication of Direct digital synthesizer design in SiGe technology
01.02.18  Frederik Walla  Spain, Research
08.02.18 Florian Ludwig Hydrodynamic transport in ADS ( including thermoelectric effects or something else)
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