Dr. Amir Džambić


Mathematik-AG für Schülerinnen und Schüler


  • Algebraische Geometrie, insbesondere Kurven und Flächen

  • Arithmetische Gruppen

  • Arithmetik in einfachen Algebren

  • hyperbolische Geometrie

  Veröffentlichungen und Preprints:

  • Lower bounds for covolumes of arithmetic lattices in PSL2(R)ⁿ.[Arxiv]

  • On the Cohomology of the Stover surface (mit Xavier Roulleau). [Arxiv]

  • Involutions of second kind on Shimura surfaces and surfaces of  general type with q=pg=0 (mit Xavier Roulleau). Eingereicht [Arxiv]

  • Varieties of general type with the same Betti numbers as P1 x P1 x ...x P1. Geometry&Topology 19-4 (2015). [Arxiv]

  • Fake quadrics from irreducible lattices acting on the product of upper half planes. Math. Annalen 360 (2014) [Arxiv]

  • Automorphisms and quotients of quaternionic fake quadrics (mit Xavier Roulleau).  Pacific J. Math. 267 (2014) [Arxiv]

  • p-adic Hurwitz groups (mit Gareth Jones). Journal of Algebra 379 (2013) [Preprintversion].

  • Congruence subgroups of the minimal covolume arithmetic Kleinian group. Abh. Math. Semin. Univ. Hamburg 80 (2010). [Preprintversion]

  • Arithmetic of a fake projective plane and related elliptic surfaces. Documenta Mathematica 15 (2010)

  • A fake projective plane and related elliptic surfaces. Oberwolfach Reports, Vol 5, No.4 (2008)
  • Macbeaths infinite series of Hurwitz groups.
    In: Arithmetic and Geometry Around Hypergeometric Functions. R.P.Holzapfel, M.Yoshida, M.Uludag (eds).
    Progress in Math, 260. Birkhäuser Basel 2007.

  • Invariants of some compactified Picard modular surfaces and applications. [Arxiv]