Picture of the month: March 2018

Conf sted 01

STED image of microtubuli

Comparison of confocal vs STED pictures of our new homebuilt STED setup. Microtubuli stained with Abberior Star635.

Picture of the month: November 2017

Iotm nov 2017

Recent cover in Science Signaling

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Picture of the month: June 2017

Iotm june 2017

Recent cover in nature microbiology

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(Image: Ella Maru Studio, Cover Design: Karen Moore)

Picture of the month: September 2016

Iotm sep 2016

Quantitative analysis of SMLM data with LAMA

A list of single-molecule localizations serves as input data (top) for LAMA and is post-processed for clustering (Ripley functions, DBSCAN, OPTICS), single-molecule counting, colocalization analysis and localization precision determination.

Picture of the month: June 2016

Iotm jun 2016

PAINT microscopy image of E.coli

Membrane stained with Nile Red (red) and chromosomal DNA with JF-646-Hoechst (blue).

Picture of the month: January 2016

Iotm jan 2016

Confocal fluorescence image of a dividing cell

Stained for DNA (blue), actin (red) and tubulin (green).

Picture of the month: October 2015

Iotm oct 2015

Single molecule FRET on DNA

Picture of the month: September 2015

Iotm sep 2015 lowres

Imaging neurons

Fine structure of a neuron's membrane recorded with super-resolution imaging (CB).

Picture of the month: August 2015

Iotm aug 2015 lowres

dSTORM imaging of microtubules

Image of an HeLa cell stained for microtubules.