After you apply – what happens next?

After we have received your application, your application will first be checked by the coordinator. In case something is missing, the coordinator will get back at you and request further information or documents.

Waiting for a decision

In general, a decision will only be made after the deadline for submissions has expired. Making a decision will at most take six weeks. This process could be delayed, if crucial documents are missing from your application. The coordinator will then request them from you.

After a decision has been made

Usually, the coordinator will write you an email immediately and a preliminary letter of admission issued by our department will be sent to you as well. If you accept this offer, your case will be handed over to the central student office, which will then issue a legally binding letter of admission.

In case of admission to the program: If any documents are still missing from your application you will receive a conditional offer which states the missing documents and the deadlines for submitting them. If this is not the case, you will receive an unconditional offer.

In case you have not been admitted to the program, you can inquire about more information. Please note, however, that the decisions are final.