Admission Requirements

Conditions of admission

Admission requirements

Professional qualification

A six-semester Bachelor’s Degree in Cultural Anthropology, European Ethnology, Human Geography, Sociology or another social science (180 Credit Points)

An equivalent foreign degree in Social Sciences or Humanities

Language skills

A good knowledge of English is required (minimum of a B2 certification), e.g.

Certificate of a secondary school from an English-speaking country
Bachelor’s Degree from a study program taught completely/mostly in English
five years of English lessons at school (the grade for English on the final certificate must be “satisfactory” or higher)
TOEFL test result of at least 87 (internet-based) or equivalent results from other officially recognized tests of English language capability, such as IELTS or the Cambridge Proficiency examination
An equivalent certificate, pending decision by the Admissions committee

A good knowledge of German (B1) is recommended for daily communication at the university (no certification needed)

Aptitude Test i.e. “Eignungsfeststellungsverfahren”

Admission for the program will be determined on the basis of the submitted documents: the required certifications, a Curriculum Vitae (tabular form) and an English-language motivation letter between 400 and 600 words.

The motivation letter shall describe your motivation for pursuing the Master’s degree. It should provide information about your special interest in the Master’s program as well as your relevant knowledge, skills and abilities. It can also include additional information about non-university activities (like work experience), that could qualify for the Master’s program. The motivation letter will be graded.

In an overall evaluation, points will be awarded on the basis of the grade average of the BA (60%) and on the grade of the motivation letter (40%).


Provisional admission

Provisional admission is possible on the basis of a current certificate or transcript of records. At least 80% of the credit points in the B.A. must have been obtained and must be calculated into a provisional average grade, which the admission will be based on. This provisional certificate must be issued by an office authorised to award grades or issue certificates. Provisional admission is valid for one semester. If the Bachelor’s degree certificate is not handed in until the end of the first semester, provisional admission will be withdrawn.

Mode of admission

Admission is not restricted (no admission quota (Numerus Clausus). Students will be directly admitted if the admission requirements are met in full.