20.07.2017: Gastvortrag: The Twelve Chinese Zodiacs - Ai Weiwei, Jackie Chan and the Aesthetics, Politics, and Economics of Revisiting a National Wound

Frederik H. Green (Associate professor of Chinese at San Francisco State University)

Veröffentlicht am: Mittwoch, 14. Juni 2017, 09:00 Uhr (20)

This talk discusses a set of historic bronze zodiacs statues that in 2011 and 2012 inspired respectively an installation by Chinese artist-activist Ai Weiwei 艾未未 and a movie by filmmaker Jackie Chan 成龍. By discussing the original statues’ significance as symbols of historical memory and trauma on the one hand and their contemporary reincarnations by Ai and Chan as art objects located at the intersection of politics and commerce on the other, this talk explores the complex relationship between art, politics, and cultural consumption in contemporary China. It further explores the degree to which both works need to be understood as symptomatic of post-socialist art and cinema in contemporary China and beyond.

Donnerstag, den 20. Juli 2017, um 18 Uhr
Campus Bockenheim, Senckenberganlage 31, Frankfurt am Main
            Juridicum Raum 717
  (U4/5/6 Station „Bockenheimer Warte“)