Frankfurter Seminar - Kolloquium des Instituts für Mathematik

Die Idee: 4 Schwerpunkte = 1 Kolloquium

Im Wintersemester 2017/18 hat das Institut für Mathematik das "Frankfurter Seminar" ins Leben gerufen. Zum Sommersemster 2018 startet das Kolloquium in seine zweite Runde. Das Institut für Mathematik freut sich, Ihnen dieses besondere Format anbieten zu können, an dem sich alle vier Schwerpunkte des Instituts beteiligen.

Der nächste Vortrag findet am 04. Juli 2018 um 16:45 Uhr

im Hilbertraum/ 3. OG/ Robert-Mayer-Straße 8 statt.

Kaffee und Tee gibt es ab 16:15 Uhr.


Vorkolloquium für Doktoranden, Post-Docs und interessierte Studierende

Vor jedem Vortrag findet für Doktoranden, Post-Docs und interessierte Studierende ein Vorkolloquium statt, um die Vorträge "aus der anderen Ecke des Instituts" für alle Interessierten zugänglicher zu machen.

Das Vorkolloquium findet immer ab 15.00 (c.t.) im Hilbertraum vor dem jeweiligen Vortrag statt.

Am 04.06.2018 spricht Frau Franziska Borer zum Thema "Harmonische Abbildungen".                            

Veranstaltungen SoSe 2018








11. April 2018

Bernd Sturmfels (MPI-MIS Leipzig)

Learning Algebraic Varieties from Samples

This lecture discusses the role of algebraic geometry in data science. We report on recent work with Paul Breiding, Sara Kalisnik and Madeline Weinstein. We seek to determine a real algebraic variety from a fixed finite subset of points. Existing methods arestudied and new methods are developed. Our focus lies on topological and algebraic features, such as dimension and defining polynomials. All algorithms are tested on a range of datasets and made available in a Julia package.









02. Mai 2018

Frank den Hollander (Universität Leiden)

Exploration on dynamic networks

Search algorithms on networks are important tools for the organisation of large data sets. A key example is Google PageRank. Real-world networks are modelled as random graphs and search algorithms as random walks. The mixing time of the algorithm is the time it takes the random walk to approach its equilibrium distribution.

Many real-world networks are dynamic in nature. In this talk we focus on a random graph with prescribed degrees and investigate what happens to the mixing time of the random walk when at each unit of time a certain fraction of the edges is randomly rewired. We identify three regimes in the limit as the graph becomes large, and show that these exhibit surprising behaviour.









09. Mai 2018

Pierre-Emmanuel Caprace (UC Louvrain)

A taste of simple groups

The goal of this talk is to have a tour in the fascinating and eclectic universe of simple groups. A special emphasis will be put on simple locally compact groups, and their use in the study of discrete groups.









04. Juli 2018

Nigel Hitchin (University of Oxford)

The geometry of surfaces — a new look

The talk will discuss compact surfaces of negative curvature from the point of view of the space of geodesics on the universal covering. The motivation comes from an attempt to describe an infinite dimensional version of Teichmüller space.