AK Biogeographie/ SIG Biogeography 2019 in Frankfurt

Special Interest Group Biogeography 2019 in Frankfurt

The Biogeography and Biodiversity Lab at the Institute of Physical Geography (Goethe-University Frankfurt) and the Quantitative Biogeography Lab at the Senckenberg Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre (SBiK-F) are delighted to host the Special Interest Group Biogeography 2019 Meeting in Frankfurt. Our aim is to bring together biogeographers from universities across Germany, Austria and Switzerland in order to stimulate scientific exchange and discussion. The SIG Biogeography 2019 Meeting will take place from May 9-10 2019 at SBiK-F in Frankfurt.


Two outstanding scientists will be presenting keynotes at the SIG Biogeography 2019 Meeting who nicely reflect the breadth of our discipline. Dr. Suzette Flantua (University of Bergen, Norway) will use palaeoecology to provide insights into the distribution of biodiversity and endemism in mountains and islands, whereas Prof. Tobias Kuemmerle (Humboldt University Berlin) will be highlighting “The Geography of Threats to Biodiversity”.


For the first time within its framework, the SIG Biogeography 2019 Meeting will offer half-day workshops! The two workshops will focus on “Species distribution modelling in R” by Prof. Manuel Steinbauer (GeoZentrum Nord, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen) and „Introduction to remote sensing for biogeographers“ by Prof. Hannes Feilhauer (Institute of Geographical Sciences, Freie Universität Berlin) in order to introduce two important methodological approaches in biogeography – species distribution modelling and remote sensing. Both workshops are free of charge! We aim at attracting Master students and junior researchers with a basic knowledge of R.

Schedule and Registration

The workshops will take place in the morning of May 9th. The conference will start noon that day and will last until the afternoon of May 10th. A conference dinner will be held on the evening of May 9th in downtown Frankfurt. On our way to the dinner Prof. Thomas Hickler will give a narrated city tour about „Kings, wars and a 10.000-year flood“.

Registration is expected to open on January 30th 2019. Contributions can be submitted as talks or posters. Conference language is English.

If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact irl@geo.uni-frankfurt.de.

Looking forward to a great biogeography meeting!

Prof. Severin Irl & Prof. Thomas Hickler