Vice President

Roser Valenti

Roser Valenti has been a professor at the Institute of Theoretical Physics at Goethe University since 2003, becoming a full professor in 2010. Valenti studied physics at the Universitat de Barcelona and earned her PhD from the same university in 1989. She was awarded a Fulbright fellowship for postdoctoral work at the University of Florida, Gainesville in 1990/91. Valenti next worked as a research assistant (1991-97) and then as a German Research Foundation (DFG) fellow at the Institute for Physics at TU Dortmund University. After Valenti completed her Habilitation (postdoctoral research and qualification to teach at the full professorial level) in Dortmund in 2000, she became a DFG Heisenberg Fellow at the Institute for Theoretical Physics at Saarland University.


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