Tandem and Umbrella Projects

Coming together in German-Iranian tandems 2020

-        Introducing the students together through a short summary of their individual prospected projects and discussing their interests so as to join them in groups of 2-4 members.

-        Exchange of the ideas by the students to find connections between their projects in digital rooms.

-        Formation of the tandems: eventually, students started their group in three main categories mentioned earlier.

·     Ecology, anthropocene: working on the different understandings of sustainability and the meaning of water

·    Alternative lifestyle: first tandem is interested in evaluating the poor and working-class perception of the voluntary charitable actions and the rich respectively. Second tandem is interested in exploring successful or unsuccessful forms of shelters built for female homeless and refugees.

·    Aesthetic practices: interested in aesthetics in various aspects of daily life including   fiction   (bestseller   novels),   social   media   (Instagram influencers), personal beatification (makeup), and surrounding decorations (bathrooms).

Intensive work on umbrella projects in the tandems 2020

-        Weekly tandem meetings to exchange students' experiences and knowledge

-        Monthly reports (monthly reports are uploaded in Olat and had received feedback from other members)

-        Germany introductory course: some sessions with Dr. Nadjmabadi and Dr. Moske.

-        Meetings with supervisors: giving guidelines to the students to make them closer to each other

-        Working on mutual projects

Presenting the tandem work: Final presentations 2021

-    Final projects preparation: all tandems prepared a draft presenting a summary of their projects and uploaded them in Olat. They received some feedback from other students and supervisors and revised their text.

-    Final projects presentation on 21st and 22nd of January, 2021: all tandems presented their final projects in two days and receive feedback from other members. There was a great deal of discussion that led to an efficient exchange of information.