Master classes

Master class I: Academic Writing 2021

-        Academic writing: three sessions and some homework for each tandem so as to learn how to modify the final reports to make them more precise academically.

For more information, see below.

Master class II: Research Incubator 2021

-        Research incubator: two workshops on the 18th and 21st of May held by Dr. Heiss to make the participant more familiar with the process of applying the projects for funding.

-        Practical workshop on the 25th of November held by Dr. Kuba to provide more practical information for the students and guide them on how they can apply the proposals they have been working on them for almost two years. It was a useful session introducing the German research institutions (DFG, VW, DAAD, AVH, PI, and GIZ), hot topics that are more probable to be funded, the importance of relevant publications and the process of application.