BIC Data

Research Focus Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

Big data and artificial intelligence (AI) are two terms with an increasing presence in medical research. Over time, medical imaging data has accumulated on a massive scale. Recent advances in computer processing power made it possible to analyze vast amounts of medical data that cannot be resolved by the human mind. The ability to analyze big datasets allows us to see the bigger picture, recognize patterns and make better decisions. Big data and AI are melding into a synergistic and complementary relationship.

The research focus Big Data and AI, which is led by Nenad Polomac, MD, is dedicated to apply artificial intelligence techniques on preprocessed medical images from conventional MRI scans and multiparametric quantitative MRI studies. Together with our colleagues from the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies, we aim to develop new algorithms for everyday clinical inference.


Image processing software (FSL, Freesurfer, JMRUI...) for MR-images

Matlab and Python packages for machine learning

T1 and T2 relaxometry, Diffusor Tensor Imaging, MR-Spectroscopy und Chemical exchange saturation transfer imaging (CEST)

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