Dr. Jihye Kim

AKS Research Fellow

Dr. Jihye Kim is a Research Fellow in Korean Studies at Goethe University Frankfurt. A specialist in the migration and settlement experiences of diasporic Koreans, Dr Kim has published a number of articles on Korean migration to Argentina and Brazil. Her current research has expanded to include Korean migration to Latin America and Europe, in particular Korean migration to Germany and North Korean migration to the United Kingdom.

Supported by external institutions, such as the Academy of Korean Studies and the Korean Foundation, Dr Kim has been running various research and teaching projects as a principal investigator. Her main projects include:(1) Korean Immigrant Entrepreneurship in the Argentine Garment Industry; (2) Role of Korean Religious Communities in Brazil; and (3) Hallyu (Korean Wave) and Korean Restaurant Businesses in Germany. In addition, she has participated in several team research projects on the Korean and Jewish communities in Buenos Aires, funded by the Argentine National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET) as co-researcher.

During her 2022-2023 fellowship, Dr Kim will teach two seminars (Issues in the Two Koreas Today and Asian Diaspora), while carrying out her publication project: <Changes, Chances, and Challenges: The Korean Community in Brazil in the New Century>.