Dr. Jan Creutzenberg

AKS Fellow-in-Residency

Jan Creutzenberg majored in theatre studies, cultural studies, and philosophy. He completed his doctorate on the Korean singing-storytelling art pansori in 2017 at Freie Universität Berlin. He is living in Seoul since 2010 and has worked at Goethe-Institut Seoul, Sungshin University, Korea University (Sejong Campus), currently teaching as assistant professor at Ewha Womans University since 2018. He also translated several Korean plays into German and lectures at Literature Translation Institute Korea since 2019. His research interests include performing arts in/from Korea in general, with a particular focus on 20th/21st-century international and cross-genre collaborations.

Jan Creutzenberg is currently AKS Fellow-in-Residency at Goethe Universität, with a research project on “Performative Exchanges between Korea and Germany”.

Recent publications:

* “The P’ansori Experience in Europe: Invitation, Promotion, Commission, and Collaboration”, the world of music 11.1 (2022): 109–132. (also co-editor)

* “Making Masters, Staging Genealogy: Full-Length P’ansori as an Invented Tradition”, in Invented Traditions in North and South Korea, edited by Andrew David Jackson, Codruța Sîntionean, Remco Breuker, and CedarBough Saeji, 279–303 (Hawai’i UP, 2021).

* 「해외의 판소리 연구사 – 영어, 독일어, 프랑스어 문헌을 중심으로」, 전인평 외, 『한국 음악계의 뜨거운 감자』, 396–416 (아시아음악학회, 2020).

* “Between Preservation and Change: Performing Arts Heritage Development in South Korea”, Asian Education and Development Studies 8.4 (2019): 485–497.

* “Dreaming of a New Theatre in Cold War South Korea: Yu Chi-jin, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the Seoul Drama Center”, Journal of Global Theatre History 3.2 (2019): 34–53.

* 「논쟁으로서의 연극: 유치진, 드라마센터 그리고 공공극장」, 『연극평론』 95호 (2019): 31–35.