On the one hand, the international student alumni network Goethe Alumni International aims to strengthen the contact of former international students to their alma mater the Goethe University and to offer them assistance and networking opportunities.

On the other hand, the network should be profitable for current international students by getting in touch with former international students. We would like to offer a plattform for the exchange between international students and alumni. Alumni who have already mastered their studies and career entry in Germany or elsewhere can support current international students with helpful information. Goethe Alumni International offers the following opportunities in order to get involved:

  • Testimonials: Current international students benefit from personal testimonials of alumni about their studies at Goethe University and their further life and career paths. If you would like to submit a testimonial yourself, please use the simple questionnaire [download questionnaire] and send it back to us by email.            
  • Speakers/ experience experts: For workshops and lectures and the website "Alumni testimonials" we are looking for former international students who talk about their personal experiences and their entry into the labor market. Inspire other international students and join us! Just contact us by email if you are interested.
  •  Job-Shadowing: For the job-shadowing program we are looking for international alumni who have successfuly mastered their entry into the labor market and who allow interested international students to have a "look over their shoulder" and get a glimpse of their everyday working life in order to provide concrete insights into professional fields. Currently, the job-shadowing takes place exclusively online! Find more information at the corresponding Job-Shadowing

For now, you just want to stay up to date and in touch with Goethe University as alumni? If so, feel free to take advantage of a variety of networking opportunities:

Goethe Alumni

All those who once studied, worked or researched at Goethe University are Goethe alumni. Goethe Alumni is a interdisciplinary alumni network of this university with more than 80.000 members, which connects all alumni associations and initiatives of the university. The membership is free of charge and recommended to every graduate, who likes to stay in touch and benefit from the many contact opportunities offered for their career. Eventually, those contacts might promote a personal development as well.

Alumni associations of the departments

All departments at Goethe University have their own alumni associations for former students. They promote the transfer of knowledge between study and work-related practice and keep the members in contact with each other and with the department. They focus on the exchange of experience and information among students, staff and alumni of department. Members have the opportunity to expand personal networks and use them for their professional development, participate in exclusive (specialist) events or receive trade journals as well as newsletters.

Social media channels

To exchange ideas, remain up-to-date and receive event information, we invite you to become a member of our Facebook group and follow our activities on XingLinkedIn and Facebook

DAAD Alumni Portal Germany

The DAAD-Alumni Portal is a social network for people from other countries who have studied, researched or completed further education in Germany. In addition to numerous networking opportunities, the portal offers a mentoring program aimed at exchanging ideas with other alumni working around the globe. In addition, the portal offers an international job board as well as virtual coffee breaks, workshops, panel discussions, job fairs, a newsletter and many more. 

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