Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin / PostDoc der Vorderasiatischen Archäologie

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Tel.: 069/798-32320



I am an archaeologist interested in the Prehistory and Early History of the Arabian Peninsula. My research project aims to analyse the main lithic industries belonging to the South-Eastern Arabian Neolithic to develop and evaluate models of cultural change during the Early and Middle Holocene.



Oman, Arabian Peninsula, Lithic studies, Cultural transmission, Neolithic, Late Paleolithic, Bronze Age


Shot bio

  • 2022 – present
    Post-doctoral fellow at Goethe-Universität Frankfurt, Institut für Archäologische Wissenschaften, Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung, “Lithic production and cultural change in Oman across the two “Dark Ages” (7500-6500 BC, 3700-2000 BC)”
  • 2020
    University of Napoli “L’Orientale” - PhD in Asian African and Mediterranean Studies.
    “A quantitative analysis of change in Neolithic projectile points of Southeastern Arabia (8th-4th millennium BC)”
  • 2015
    University of Bologna, Ravenna Campus - Archaeology (Master degree)
  • 2012
    University of Bari - Cultural Heritage (Bachelor degree)


Ongoing Projects

  • 2022 – present
    Exploring the Omani Rub al Khali (Direction and coordination)
    Funded by Society of Antiquaries of London; supported by Goethe University Frankfurt, and Ministry of Heritage and Culture, Muscat, Oman
  • 2021 – present
    Al-Khashbah Archaeological project, Ash Sharquiyah, Oman.
    Goethe University of Frankfurt, supported by the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, Muscat, Oman (Project director: Stephanie Dopper)
  • 2021 – present
    (H)ORIGIN project – The East African record and the origin of modern Human behaviour
    University of Rome La Sapienza, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, supported by the Authority for Research and Conservation of Cultural Heritage (ARCCH), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (Project director: Enza Elena Spinapolice)
  • 2017 – present
    Italian-Czeck archaeological Mission to Duqm (TSMO): spatial distribution and chronological tracing of triliths and archaeometric investigation of Nafūn shell midden complex, south-central Oman.
    Czech Academy of Sciences, University of Naples “L’Orientale”, supported by the National Museum of Oman and the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism – Sultanate of Oman (Project director: Roman Garba)
  • 2015 – present
    French Archaeological Mission to the Sultanate of Oman "The Shores of the Arabian Sea between 10000 and 2000 BC".
    The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, CNRS, INRAP, and Ministry of Heritage & Culture - Sultanate of Oman (Project director: Vincent Charpentier)



  • Member of the International Association of Mediterranean and Oriental Studies (ISMEO).
  • CEFAS Kuwait



Articles (peer-reviewed)

  • Maiorano M. P., Marchand G., Charpentier V., Vosges, J. 2022 Backed pieces at Sharbithat SHA-10 (Sultanate of Oman): technological issues and chronological assessment. Let the stone speak (12th ICAANE Special Issue). Archeopress (Accepted).
  • Charpentier V., Marchand G., Bèarez P., Borgi F., Crassard. R, Lefève C., Maiorano M. P., Al-Mashani A., Vosges, J. 2022. The latest Neolithic conquest of “new territories” in the Arabian Sea: The Al-Hallaniyat archipelago (Kuria Muria, Sultanate of Oman). Journal of Island & Coastal Archaeology. DOI: 10.1080/15564894.2021.2015017 [link]
  • Al Kindi M., Charpentier V., Maiorano M. P., Musa M., Pavan A., Heward A., Vosges J., Marchand G., Pickford M. 2021. Evidence of Neolithic long-distance exchange in Southern Arabia: The road of the Jade axes. Journal of Archaeological Science Report, 39, 103116. [link]
  • Spinapolice E.E., Zerboni A., Talamo S., Mariani G.S., Gliganic L.A., Buti L., Fusco M., Maiorano M.P., Silvestrini S., Sorrentino R., Vazzana A., Romandini M., Fiorini A., Curci A., Meyer M.C., Benazzi S. 2021. Back to Uluzzo – Archaeological, palaeoenvironmental, and chronological context of the Mid-Upper Palaeolithic sequence at Uluzzo C rock shelter (Apulia, Southern Italy). Journal of Quaternary Science. [link]
  • Maiorano M. P., Crassard R., Vincent Charpentier V., Bortolini E. 2020. A quantitative approach to the study of Neolithic projectile points from southeastern Arabia. Arabian Archaeology and Epigraphy, 31: 151,167. [link]
  • Maiorano M. P., Al Kindi M., Charpentier V., Vosges J., Gommery D., Marchand G., Qatan A., Borgi F., Pickford M. 2020. Living and moving in Maitan: Neolithic workshops and regional exchanges in Southern Rub’ al-Khali (Sultanate of Oman). In K. Bretzke, R. Crassard & Y.H. Hilbert (eds) Stone Tools of Prehistoric Arabia (Supplement to Volume 50 of the Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies), 83–99. [link]
  • Maiorano M. P., Marchand G., Vosges J., Berger J.-F., Borgi F., Charpentier V. 2018. The Neolithic of Sharbithāt (Dhofar, Sultanate of Oman): typological, technological, and experimental approaches. Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies, 48, 219–233. Archeopress, Oxford. [link]
  • Genchi F., Martino G., Maiorano M. P., Garba R., Al-Ghafri W. 2017. An archaeological overview of the landscape of the al-Duqm development area, Sultanate of Oman. Proceeding of Seminar for Arabian Studies, pp. 169-178. Archeopress, Oxford. [link]
  • Maiorano M. P. Lithic assemblage from FNS-7 (Wādī al-Дarīmah): new evidence about the fifth-millennium BC hunter-gatherers of coastal Oman. Proceeding of Seminar for Arabian Studies, pp. 169-178. Archeopress, Oxford. [link]


Book chapters

  • Maiorano M. P. 2019. The Late Neolithic hunter-gatherers of FNS-7 (Wadi Harima). In Dreamers, 40 years of italian archaeological research in the Sultanate of Oman, D. Frenez and M. Cattani (eds). [link to the book]
  • Genchi F., & Maiorano M. P. 2019. The Neolithic camp of Ras al Hadd-2 (4th - 3rd millennium BC). In Dreamers, 40 years of Italian archaeological research in Oman, D. Frenez and M. Cattani (eds). BraDypUS, Rome. [link to the book]


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