Method Development

Research Focus on MRS-Methods: Development, Evalution and Application to Projects at the BIC

The MR physicist group at Neuroradiology aims at providing clinical researchers more sophisticated methods with focus on metabolic imaging.

MR Methods

  • “Standard” 1H MRSI (single voxel (SVS) and 2D spectroscopic imaging at different TE for detection of brain metabolites
  • Spectral editing for detection of GABA and 2HG
  • 31P MRS for monitoring energy metabolism
  • Combining 31P and 1H MRSI for monitoring tumor metabolism and the aging brain
  • CEST-MRI for tumor diagnosis (montitoring pH and new contrasts related to magnetization transfer)

Tools for analyzing data

  • Evaluation of spectroscopic and CEST data
  • Combining metabolic data with MRI contrast and parameter images