M.Sc. Atmospheric and Climate Sciences :: Admission and Application

Conditions of admission

Admission requirements
  • BSc in Meteorology or
  • BSc in Physics with a minor in Meteorology or Atmospheric Sciences (not less than 20 CP) or
  • an equivalent university degree with no less than 6 semesters duration

The examination board may demand additional courses (max. 60 CP) to be taken from the BSc Meteorology programme.

  • English language skills on the level of at least B2, proven by:
    • high school diploma (A-levels diploma), or corresponding high school certificates and transcripts, or
    • certification of classes in english 5 years, or
    • TOEFL test (score at least 87 points), or
    • UNIcert-2 certificate, or
    • Bachelor's Degree from a study program taught completely/mostly in English
    • an equivalent certificate, pending decision by the Admissions committee

Applicants who do not have a German university entrance qualification, nor do they have a degree from a German higher education institution, are recommended to obtain German language skills on the level of at least B1 (GER).

Provisional admission

Provisional admission is possible on the basis of a current certificate or transcript of records. At least 80% of the credit points in the B.A. (usually 144 CP) must have been obtained and must be calculated into a provisional average grade, upon which admission will be based. An office authorised to award grades or issue certificates must issue this provisional certificate. Provisional admission is valid for one semester. If the Bachelor's degree certificate is not submitted by the end of the first semester, provisional admission will be withdrawn.

Mode of admission

Admission is not restricted. Students will be directly admitted if the admission requirements are met in full.


Documents to be submitted
  • if you are not already enrolled at Goethe-University Frankfurt: university entrance qualification (e.g. A-Levels)
  • Diploma of BSc in Meteorology or Physics, or equivalent subject, with GPA and all grades
  • the corresponding diploma supplement
  • proof of English language skills (at least B2, see list of accepted proofs above)
  • APS certificate for applicants with educational qualification from Vietnam, and PR of China and India (original)
  • curriculum vitae (in tabular form)
  • letter of motivation
  • application form (see links below)

if the Bachelor's degree has not yet been completed (provisional admission):

  • a transcript of records or equivalent document listing the content of the study programme and average grade
  • proof of current enrolment in the bachelor programme
Deadline for applications

April 01 - August 31

We encourage students who have to apply for visa to submit their application before June 30th.

Address for applications

Prüfungsamt Meteorologie
Altenhöferallee 1
60438 Frankfurt am Main

E-Mail : geopruefungsamt@uni-frankfurt.de

Application forms