Dr. Karoline Wirbatz

Raum: 3.155
Tel.: 069 798 32514
E-Mail: wirbatz@em.uni-frankfurt.de


Dr. Karoline Wirbatz has studied at the University of Western Sydney (Australia), where she obtained her PhD in 2014. Her PhD thesis investigated the developmental path of German first language acquisition focusing on the order of elements in speech and what is signaled by the ordering of constituents. Her current research focuses on early bilingual education in kindergarten and primary school contexts.
Karoline Wirbatz has previously worked at the universities of Western Sydney, Paderborn, Trier, Dortmund, and Münster. In addition to her academic work, she has worked as a substitute teacher at a primary school in Dortmund.

Research Interests

  • Bilingual Education
  • First, Second & Third Language Acquisition
  • Classroom SLA
  • Digital Language Learning & Teaching
  • Professional Development of Teachers

Current Projects

List of Publications