Others Activities

Expert activities for governmental and international institutions

Members of the Merton Centre have been active for many years as experts and advisors for various European and state institutions.

Rainer Hofmann was an external advisor to the Council of Europe and the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) on the drafting of laws in Central and Eastern European states (Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia and Ukraine), and also on the evaluation of such laws as an external member of the Council of Europe's European Commission for Democracy and Law (Venice Commission).

From 2001 to 2020, he was a member of the Advisory Council on International Law of the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin, which advises the ministry and the respective heads of the office on day-to-day political events and related issues of international law.


Stefan Kadelbach has acted, among other things, as an expert in hearings and as a litigation representative in the area of the European financial architecture for the German Bundestag and as an advisor in the area of European internal market law. In addition, written and oral opinions in the area of European law as well as protection against discrimination and electoral law were repeatedly prepared for the Hessian State Parliament (Rainer Hofmann, Stefan Kadelbach, Alexander Heger, Moritz Malkmus), the Thuringian State Parliament (Rainer Hofmann, Sascha Gourdet, Alexander Heger) and the Rhineland-Palatinate State Parliament (Stefan Kadelbach).