Within the CPI researchers from the universities of Giessen und Frankfurt and of the Max-Planck-Institute (MPI) for Heart- and Lung-Research in Bad Nauheim have joined forces. 

The CPI consists of basic, clinical and translationally-oriented researchers and experts, which joined forces to understand cardio-pulmonary diseases and to find new treatments. They already made groundbreaking contributions to cardiopulmonary science and the development of novel treatments.

The Cluster aims at translational research. The interdisciplinary team allows CPI to study mechanisms of cardio-pulmonary diseases in model systems ranging from cell culture experiments to animal models and to combine these results with clinical data.

Importantly, CPI is well equipped to carry out translational studies validating their basic research results in patients in the clinical setting. Moreover, physician-scientists of the CPI are intensely involved in clinical studies at every stage to evaluate novel therapeutics and therapies.


Department: Medical Science

Principal Investigator: Prof. Dr. Ingrid Fleming

Contact: fleming@em.uni-frankfurt.de

CPI Website

Spring: April/May-September (latest)
Summer: June-September (latest)
Winter: October-March (latest

Project Description

The CPI is organised into five Discovery Areas and complemented by three Translational Hubs. Scientific goals: CPI is dedicated to identifying molecular mechanisms and developing new therapeutic strategies to combat cardiopulmonary disease in an interdisciplinary and translational approach.


DISCOVERY AREA 1: Cellular Plasticity Heterogeneity

DISCOVERY AREA 2: Cellular Surveillance

DISCOVERY AREA 3: Morphogenesis, Remodeling    Regeneration

DISCOVERY AREA 4: Microenvironmental Cues

DISCOVERY AREA 5: Macroenvironmental Cues and Inter-Organ Communication


TRANSLATIONAL HUB 1: Disease Modeling

TRANSLATIONAL HUB 2: Cardio-Pulmonary Systems Biology and Medicine

TRANSLATIONAL HUB 3: Precision Medicine

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