Bacteriophages are "good" viruses that infect bacteria. By specializing in their bacterial hosts, they contribute to maintaining the microbial balance in nature. As highly efficient biological killing machines, they inject their genetic material into the respective host bacteria. In phage therapy, these phages are used, for example, against antibiotic-resistant bacteria.


Department: University Clinic Frankfurt, Department of Medicine II, Infectious Diseases

Head of Infectious Diseases: Prof. Dr. Maria Vehreschild

Supervisor: Dr. Silvia Würstle


Spring: April/May-September (latest)
Winter: October-March (latest)

Project Description

4-6-months research experience at the Infectiology Laboratory of the Goethe University Clinic Frankfurt. The student's project focuses on translational approaches of bacteriophage research.

The student will work with microbiological and pharmacological methods together with our laboratory team and receive thorough training in the characterization of phages. We are a globally-minded, supportive, and welcoming group, committed to fostering an environment of openness and camaraderie. 


Proficiency in (1) basic laboratory techniques such as pipetting and (2) English language are requirements. We expect professionalism in all aspects of the research visit, including punctuality, reliability, diligence, effective teamwork, and respect for colleagues. The duration of the research visit can be 4 up to 6 months, and the student should be available for the entire agreed period. Please don’t hesitate to contact us before applying to the program.