M.Sc. Molecular Medicine

The overall objective is an in-depth education of molecular and cellular basics in the operation of the human organ system as well as pathogenesis and therapy of human diseases.

One focus of the education will be in the fields of drug research, cardiovascular research and oncology/immunology.

Through broad professional education and teaching of different methodical and conceptional areas, students will learn to individually perform research in basic sciences as well as clinical-translational research in molecular medicine.

The programme in molecular medicine will convey students the required knowledge and skills, train individual scientific thinking and lead to responsible behavior as a Scientist.


Department: Medical Science, Molecular Medicine

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Ingrid Fleming

Contact: Fleming@vrc.uni-frankfurt.de 

Department: Medical Science, Molecular Medicine

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Alexander Steinle

Contact: Alexander.Steinle@kgu.de

Molecular Medicine Website

Spring: April/May-September (latest)
Summer: June-September (latest)
Winter: October-March (latest

Project Description

The master program conveys a thorough understanding of the molecular function of human organ systems, including the molecular principles of pathogenesis of human diseases and their therapies. Students will learn the principles, concepts and methods of experimental and clinical research. A special focus will be laid on the key research areas at the Faculty of Medicine, i.e. cardiovascular research, oncology/immunology and molecular pharmacology. 

It is the aim of the program to promote students to develop into independent, successful researchers with the ability to critically evaluate experimental results and to responsibly contribute to social and scientific progress.

GREP offers laboratory visit as part of a mandatory elective module for two to three months.


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