German for Masters Students

We are proud to be able to offer German courses from A1 to B1 for Masters students studying in English.

Surely you have realised that you need some German for your life now and perhaps you are not aware that you need more German if you are planning to work in Germany during and after your studies.

Our courses will teach you German for life in Frankfurt and on the campus, but will also focus on topics that go beyond everyday life. We want to encourage you to immerse yourself in the German language and try to use and understand as much as possible.

Registration: until 18 April 2024

Placement test required for those with some knowledge of German

Link:                      Instruction on how to do the Placement test

Time:                    depending on the level achieved in the placement test

Courses planned: Mon and Wed, Mon and Thu or Tue and Thu, 18.00 to 20.15

Duration:            Spring term: 22 April to 19 July 2024