Results from global hydrological models like those from WaterGAP are often available in a specific file format, e.g., netCDF, which significantly facilitates scientific evaluation but complicates direct viewing without further knowledge of software and data structure. In collaboration with the French geodata company AGEOCE, a web app was developed, the WaterGAP-Explorer.

Here, the results of the most recent version of WaterGAP, WaterGAP 2.2e, can be viewed intuitively and compared between two years and/or scenarios of direct human influence on the water cycle (with and without the influence of water use and artificial reservoirs). Additionally, monthly and annual time series of grid cells can be extracted and downloaded as a dataset.

This presentation was made possible because the model results are available in the Goethe University Data Repository (GUDe) and were integrated into the web app via an API from AGEOCE.

The UniReport, issue 1-2024, page 5, reports (in German) on the collaboration and application possibilities of the web app.

We wish you insightful experiences with the WaterGAP Explorer!