PD Dr. Birgit Spengler


PD Dr. Birgit Spengler was interim professor of American Studies at Goethe-University until September 2016.  Her major research interests include American literature and culture from the 19th century to the present, American women writers, gender studies, visual culture, and questions of ethics and aesthetics. Her doctoral thesis, Vision, Gender, and Power in American Women’s Writing, 1860-1900 (Winter, 2008) was awarded the Cornelia Goethe Prize 2007 for outstanding research in the field of women and gender studies. Her postdoctoral book project, Literary Spinoffs: Rewriting the Classics, Re-Imagining the Community, funded by the German Research Foundation, was published in 2015. In two current research projects, she explores Western photography by American women photographers and articulations and negotiations of “states of exception” and “bare life” (Agamben) in various forms of cultural expression.

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e-mail: b.spengler@em.uni-frankfurt.de