Working groups

Work groups

at the Department of Physical Geography

Qualitative and quantitative changes of the physical environment (past to present), sediment and particulate matter fluxes and budgets, Global Change, geomorphology, fluvial morphology, soil geography, terrestrial geosystems, theory a. methodology

Geomorphology, climate and vegetation history of Central Africa, geological-landscape development of African savannahs, remote sensing (digital aerial and satellite image evaluation), rural regional development in developing countries

Hydrology, modeling of hydrological man-environment systems, modeling of global nitrogen and phosphorus transports, modeling of global water availability and water use, digital global map of irrigated areas, water use modeling and development of integrated scenarios (Brazil), groundwater flow and transport modeling

Soil science, soil geography, soil formation, geoarchaeology, Quaternary geology, loess, soil and environmental development of the Iberian peninsula


Plant ecology, plant dispersal, dynamic modelling, effects of climate change on ecosystems