AG Geoecology and Physical Geography


Working Group “Geoecology and Physical Geography”, regional focus “Africa”

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Runge


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The working group is concerned with the landscape and climate development in tropical Africa (Africa south of the Sahara), above all during the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) and in the Holocene period (paleo-environmental research). In view of today’s situation, the group is investigating the sensitivity of the rainforest-savannah boundary (e.g. in the ‘ReSaKo’ project as part of the DFG Research Group 510) and the biodiversity in Africa (e.g. in the BMBF BIOTA West Research Association) in the context of the problem of global change. The main countries involved include Burkina Faso, Benin, Togo, Nigeria, Cameroon, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda. In addition to conventional land and geomorphological investigation methods, remote sensing techniques (digital satellite image evaluation) and GIS are also being applied.

The applied questions and consultation activities refer to the integrated rural regional development in developing countries (e.g. land use changes, soil erosion, thematic mapping, smallholder irrigated agriculture, consulting for infrastructure projects, road construction, education).


Valuation of diamonds at BECDOR in Bangui (05.06.2008)


Runge, J.; Shikwati, J. (eds.) (2011): Geological Resources and Good Governance in Sub-Saharan Africa. Holistic Approaches to Transparency and Sustainable Development in the Extractive Sector. Taylor & Francis Publ. UK, pp. 1-292.

In summer term 2012 the regularly consultation time is (room 2.216):
on Thursday, 15-16 h
as well on previous appointment by e-mail

Jahrestagung der Afrikagruppe deutscher Geowissenschaftler (AdG) 2010 in Frankfurt, 25.-26.06.10
Nov. 27. - Dec. 01.: Workshop for application on funding

Geological Resources and Good Governance in Central Africa
24 - 25 September 2009, Yaounde, Cameroon

Afrikatagung deutscher Geowissenschaftler in Berlin 2009

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