I am an economic geographer with a training in cultural studies and STS, a background in Middle Eastern studies and a regional interest in Africa. My work focuses on geographies of marketization, the performativity of economics, and the infrastructures and spaces of global circulations.

After some years at different Bavarian Universities, I was appointed Professor of Cultural Geography at the University of Mainz in 2009, moved to Konstanz for a Senior Fellowship at the Centre of Advanced Studies and finally arrived at the Goethe University Frankfurt as a Professor of Economic Geography and Global Studies.


At Frankfurt I am leading the research group "Technologies of Global Circulation (TGC)". Here I am grateful to be able to work with Alev Coban on digital infrastructures, ruptured connectivities and spaces of innovation in Kenya, with Dorothee Niebuhr on global value chains, agricultural markets and circulating technologies of inscription in Peru and Ghana, with Julia Verne on maritime landscapes, post-terrestrial area studies and the Indian Ocean's translocality, with Julian Stenmanns on geographies of logistics, securitized ports and global territories of supply chain capitalism in Ghana, Sierra Leone and California, with Luisa Hoffmann on calculative landscapes, experimental knowledges and the politics of index-based microinsurances in Ghana and Kenya, with Malve Jacobsen on slow concrete, rapid busses and the transportation of transport models in Tanzania, with myself on market devices, every-thing and the experimental contemporary, with Patrick Schukalla on spaces of exploration, radioactive policies and sites of extraction in Tanzania and with Till Straube on digital geographies, coded topologies and the politics of digital matter.

Large collaborative research programs

Services and other roles

  • Head of PhD Commission Faculty of Geoscience (2012-present)
  • Director Frankfurter Geographische Gesellschaft (FGG) (2012-present)
  • Board of Directors Institut für Wirtschaft, Arbeit und Kultur (IWAK) (2011-present)
  • Steering Committee AFRASO (2012-present)