- Escartín, J., Rodríguez- Carballeira, A., Gómez-Benito, J., Zapf, D. (2010) -


This instrumental study describes the development and validation of a new measure of workplace bullying, entitled Escala de Abuso Psicológico Aplicado en el Lugar de Trabajo (EAPA-T). Participants included 85 members of numerous Spanish support associations for targets of bullying selected according to several criteria, such as being involved in legal claims and receiving psychological support. Using Confirmatory Factor Analysis for the EAPA-T, three models (one factor, four correlated factors, and four factors and one second-order factor) were analysed. The results indicated that the model with four factors and one second-order factor provided the best fit to the data. A total of 12 items was equally distributed across four categories: Control and manipulation of the work context, Emotional abuse, Professional discredit and Role devaluation. Acceptable reliabilities and significant correlations between the EAPA-T and several health and organizational variables were also found, which all together
provided evidence for its validity. Practical implications regarding the use of the scale are discussed.

Veröffentlicht in: International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology, 10 (3), 519-539.