Prof. Dr. Katharina Neumann

M neumann

Campus Westend, IG-Farbenhaus
Zimmer Q4, 6.416
Tel.: 069 798-32093
Fax: 069 798-32121

Research topics

•  History of crops, plant use and agricultural systems in Africa
•  African vegetation history
•  Phytoliths (especially taxonomy/nomenclature)
•  Charcoal and wood identification


Research areas

•  West and Central Africa
•  Field research in Sudan, Burkina Faso, Benin, Nigeria, Mali, Cameroon, Kenya



•  2015-2019: Iron Age human subsistence, environment, and climate in the Inner Congo Basin (Democratic Republic of the Congo), with Prof. H.-P. Wotzka (DFG)
•  2016-2019: Phytoliths and Late Quaternary vegetation history of West Africa (DFG)
•  2009-2017: Long-term project: Development of complex societies in sub-Saharan Africa: The Nigerian Nok Culture, with Prof. P. Breunig (DFG)
•  2010/11: Human impact in coastal West Central Africa from the Iron Age to colonial times reflected in the charcoal of Dibamba 1 (DFG)
•  2008-2010: Archéologie du Paysage en Pays Dogon (APPD), in cooperation with partners from the universities Angers, Caen, Rouen (France) (DFG-ANR / Agence National de Recherche)
•  2005-2008: Holocene vegetation history of Ounjougou (Mali), in cooperation with Universities Genève, Caen, Angers (DFG)
•  2003-2009: Research Unit 510, Ecological and cultural change in West and Central Africa (DFG)
•  1999-2002: The Dahomey Gap: Vegetation history of the forest-savanna boundary in Benin and Southwest Nigeria , in cooperation with Universities Cotonou, Ibadan, Angers (VW Foundation)
•  1988-2002: Vegetation history and archaeobotany in the West African savannas, in Collaborative Research Center 268 West African Savanna (DFG)
•  1983-1988: Holocene vegetation history of the Eastern Sahara, in Project Settlement history of the Eastern Sahara  (Director: Dr. Rudolph Kuper), University of Cologne (DFG)

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Selected publications

In press
Höhn, A. & Neumann, K.: Palaeovegetation of Janruwa (Nigeria) and its implications for the decline of the Nok Culture. Journal of African Archaeology.


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