Filmkultur: Archivierung, Programmierung, Präsentation (Master of Arts)
(Filmculture: Archiving, Programming, Presentation)

Conditions of admission


Course content and focus areas 

This is a programme of study in Film Culture which is unique in this form in Germany: Archiving, programming, presentation educates highly qualified scientific personnel for institutions of film and media culture with a main areas of focus in the fields of archiving, preparation and mediation of AV media format. Building on the deepened knowledge about film history and film theory, the programme of study provides basic knowledge of the technical, systematic knowledge, administrative, economic and legal aspects of archiving, programming and presentation of commonly used film and AV media formats. Special attention is given to the challenges of digitalisation of analogue stocks, care and upkeep of digital archiving media and publication and circulation of digital files.
The graduates furthermore acquire knowledge of the structures and practices of the cinema and film culture, AV media production and distribution and the characteristic of markets for AV media products. They will become familiar with basic questions in the area of copyright and copyright law as well as, particularly, also with the problems involved with usage rights and ownership rights in the practice of circulation of film and AV media materials. They finally acquire theoretical and practical competences in the area of curation of films, that is programming and presentation of AV media archive stocks in the cinema, in museums and at festivals, but also on digital platforms. Engagement with the subject matter film is embedded within the framework here of an aesthetic-theoretical reflection of the role of the curator and the cultural practice of the exhibition.

Completion of studies qualifies the graduate to take up positions in the areas culture management, public and private film and media archives, companies in the film and AV industry such as production and distribution companies as well as internet providers, television (editorial team, programming, media archiving), journalism/being a film critic, internet editing and platform design, museum work with a main focus on film and AV media as well as curator activities in the field of film culture (cinema and festival programming, curator-type work in museums, exhibition spaces and other establishments for the visual arts). There is also the possibility of further qualification in the course of a doctoral studies programme.

Detailed information

Information from the department
Study regulations


Master of Arts in Filmculture: Archiving, Programming, Presentation


The standard length of study for the Master of Arts is 4 semesters.

Languages of instruction


Start of the programme

The study programme starts at the beginning of the wintersemester.

Student advisory service

Prof. Dr. Vinzenz Hediger
Institut für Theater-, Film- und Medienwissenschaft
Nobert-Wollheim-Platz 1
60323 Frankfurt am Main
Tel. 069 / 798-32077

Bettina Schulte-Strathaus, M.A.
Tel. 069/798-32083

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Conditions of admission

Admission requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree or comparable degree in a similar subject
  • If you didn't study your Bachelor's degree in the field of
    "Theater-, Film- and Media Studies" at the Goethe-University:
    Transcript of Records and
    Extra page with the study-related courses (title of the course, research paper etc., CP and if possible the grade)
    Study related courses are courses in theory, aesthetics, history and analysis of film and media.
  • Knowledge of English languages skills (Niveau B2) proven by:
    - high school diploma (A-levels diploma) or corresponding high school certificates and transcripts rated no lower than "adequate" (4.0), or certification of classes in english 5 years; or
    - certification of successfully completed language courses (at least of level B2) from a German and/or or foreign university
    - lecturers (or other experts) report on language proficiency acquired through international residency, university language courses, or self-study
    - VHS-Certificate (at least level B2)
    - Standard test, like 
       TOEFL (Internet based at least 85 points)
       IELTS (at least a score of 6,5 in each section)
       Cambridge First, Advanced oder Proficiency (at least 160 Punkte in each section)
    - other certificate recognized as equivalent by the selection committee
  • letter of motivation
    The letter of motivation with an abstract for a deepening project, which clearifies the specific research interests of the applicant. The project will be further developed during the two-year study programme and prepare the final master thesis.
    The letter of motivation presents in particular the personal and specific interest in the Masters Course film culture, possibly with a description of previous professional or practical experience or relevant, even extra-curricular activities that can provide specific information on the ability for the Master's programme (maximum 700 words).
  • Applicants with an international university entrance qualification and Bachelor's degree must prove sufficient German language skills according to the regulations of the Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang (DSH), the German language test for university entrance.

Provisional admission

Provisional admission is possible on the basis of a current transcript of records; at least 80% of the required for the bachelor's degree CP (normally 144 credit points) must have been obtained; the Bachelor’s thesis must be finished or almost finished. Provisional admission is valid until the end of the first semester of the master’s program. The bachelor’s degree must thus be handed in by March 31 (winter intake) or September 30 (summer intake) the latest. 

Mode of admission

Admission is restricted.

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Documents to be submitted

  • If you are not already enrolled at Universität Frankfurt:
    university entrance qualification (e.g. A-Levels)
  • Bachelor’s degree certificate (incl. final Transcript of Records)
  • If the Bachelor's degree has not yet been completed:
    - a transcript of records or equivalent document listing the content of the study programme and average grade
    - letter of recommendation from your supervisor (Download in the online application portal or here)
    - proof of current enrollment in the bachelor programme
  • If you didn't study your Bachelor's degree in the field of "Theater-, Film- and Media Studies" at the Goethe-University:
    Transcript of Records and
    Extra page with the study-related courses (title of the course, research paper etc., CP and if possible the grade)
  • proof of language skills (Niveau A2)
  • letter of motivation
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Internship certificate with information about time, temporal extent, activities of the internship
  • Declaration of examination claim (Download in the online application portal or here)
  • If the first degree was obtained at an international higher education institution:
    certificate of German language skills. See here for more information about the required German language skills.
  • APS certificate for applicants from India, Vietnam and China (original)

Application period

01.04. - 31.05.

Address for applications

Online application portal for Master's study programmes

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