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Course content and
focus areas 

The Master’s in Philosophy is research-oriented. The Master’s degree programme in Philosophy aims to deepen the insights of students in the systematic and historic multiplicity of philosophical problems, to complete mastery of learned techniques for scientific work and to enable students to engage in independent philosophical work.

On the one hand the degree programme provides for a scientific confrontation with philosophy in its systematic breadth and allows students to acquire scientific knowledge and competences in dealing with both historic and current philosophical problems. On the other hand the Master’s degree programme provides for creation of individual major fields of study in which the student acquires deepened knowledge and understanding and learns to develop his own position and to defend it. By the end of the degree programme the student should have acquired the ability to make formal and contextually correct contributions to philosophical specialist discussions.

The students of philosophy deepen their central key competences during the degree programme, namely the ability to practice analytical thinking, to solve a problem, on argumentation, in dealing with challenging texts and media as well as mediation of complex issues in an understandable form. The programme of study aims to qualify the student for careers which demand pronounced analytical and communicative competences.

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Master of Arts in Philosophy


The standard length of study for the Master of Arts is 4 semesters.

Languages of instruction


Start of the programme

The programme starts at the beginning of the winter or summer semester.

Student advisory service

Sabine Reh
Telefon: 069/798-32789

Fabian Seitz
Telefon: 069/798-32756

For questions about the admission process please refer to Andreas Müller (

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Conditions of admission

Admission requirements

To take the Master’s degree programme in Philosophy students can only be admitted who

  • a) have completed a Bachelor degree programme with the main subject Philosophy (with at least 120 CP)
    b) have completed a Bachelor degree programme with the minor subject Philosophy (with at least 60 CP), 
    c) have an at least equivalent degree from a German university or in an equivalent or related subject recognised by the admissions committee (for example religious studies, law studies, social sciences, literature studies, with a standard period of study of a minimum of six semesters)
    d) have an at least equivalent recognised foreign degree in the same or in a related subject area recognised by the admissions committee with a standard period of study of a minimum of six semesters or three years of study.
  • and a Master’s examination in the same subject at another university was not finally failed or the right to examination lost. The same applies to Master’s examinations in related subjects in as far as an appropriate correspondence of the subjects has been established by the examination committee. Declarations according to § 14 Paragraph 1 should be submitted regarding this examination. § 14 Paragraph 4 applies correspondingly.
  • Knowledge of languages: 
    Adequate knowledge of the English language to Level B1 according to the Common European Reference Framework for Languages (GER) is necessary to study Philosophy as well as adequate knowledge of one further foreign language (those recommended being: French, Latin or Ancient Greek, whereby for a modern foreign language knowledge of it up to Level B1 according to the Common European Reference Framework for Languages (GER) must be verified and for Latin or Greek passing of the “language examination in Latin“ (or the qualification in Latin) or language examination in Greek“ should be confirmed)

Applicants who have neither a German university entrance qualification, nor a degree obtained at a German university must also verify adequate knowledge of the German language.

Provisional admission

Applicants who have not yet completed their studies in the Bachelor degree programme with Philosophy as the main subject at Goethe University at the point in time of application to the Master’s degree programme can also be admitted to the Master’s degree programme in Philosophy with the proviso that completion of the Bachelor degree programme is confirmed to the examination committee within one semester. This is only possible after having already submitted the Bachelor thesis. The applicant must submit evidence of enrolment in the Bachelor degree programme for provisional admission as well as a recommendation from the supervisor of the Bachelor thesis. Provisional admission is valid until the end of the first semester of the master’s program. The bachelor’s degree must thus be handed in by March 31 (winter intake) or September 30 (summer intake) the latest.

Mode of admission Admission is not restricted.

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Documents to be submitted
  • If you are not already enrolled at Goethe-University Frankfurt:
    university entrance qualification (e.g. A-Levels)
  • Bachelor’s degree certificate
  • If the Bachelor's degree has not yet been completed:
    - a transcript of records or equivalent document listing the content of the study programme and average grade
    - letter of recommendation from your supervisor (Download)
    - proof of current enrollment in the bachelor programme
  • proof of English language skills (Niveau B1)
  • proof of language skills of another language (recommended: French, Latin or Classical Greek)
  • Declaration of examination claim (Download)
  • If the first degree was obtained at an international higher education institution:
    - certificate of German language skills. See here for more information about the required German language skills.
  • APS certificate for applicants from India, Vietnam and PR of China (original)

Application period

01.06. - 31.08. for the winter semester
01.12. - 28.02. for the summer semester 

Address for applications Online application portal for Master's study programmes

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