Head of the Group

Prof. Dr. Viktor Krozer

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Prof. Viktor Krozer krozer Oerlikon Professor _0.218

Simone Sanchez-Maroto

sanchez-maroto Team Assistance _0.221

Dr.-Ing Jochen Moll


Head of Junior Research Group

Biomedical applications of microwaves,
Radar-based structural health monitoring,
MIMO-Radar systems
Guided waves for structural health monitoring

Bernd Hils hils Interferometry _0.214
Dr. Torsten Djurhuus t.djurhuus THz imaging algorithms __.424
Jonas Simon simon

FMCW radar
Signal processing and imaging
Modelling and simulation of signal propagation


Dr. Giacomo Ulisse


Vacuum electron tubes for mm-wave and terahertz frequencies
Nanotechnologies for microwave devices and solar cells

Amit Shrestha shrestha Circuit Design _0.214

Dovilė Čibiraitė

cibiraite Terahertz detectors, Terahertz camera _0.217
Marie Mbeutcha mbeutcha

Modular MIMO radar components and system
MMIC mixed-signal and millimeter-wave circuits design

Christian Kexel christian.kexel Guided waves, acoustic communication _0.214
Ashkan Taremi Zadeh taremizadeh Radar-based detection of bats
structural health monitoring
radar signal processing
Moritz Mälzer maelzer Radar-based detection of birds and bats
Real-time signal processing of heterogeneous data.
Duy Hai Nguyen   nguyen sub-mmWave antenna patch array for structural health monitoring applications.
mmWave radar system for precise range detection. 
Thomas Maetz  maetz Development and characterization of radar antennas and radar systems
Development and validation of numerical simulation models
Execution of large-scale experiments in the laboratory and with offshore wind turbines
Derivation of new signal processing methods and application-oriented use of AI methods
Gizem Acar acar

Structural health monitoring with guided ultrasonic waves
Sensor node design

Octavio Márquez Reyes MarquezReyes Structural health monitoring (SHM) with guided ultrasonic waves
Data communication with guided ultrasonic waves
Biomedical Applications of Microwaves
Biocompatible transducers for biomedical purposes