Dr. Gilles Evéquoz

Institut für Mathematik
Goethe-Universität Frankfurt
Robert-Mayer-Str. 10
D-60629 Frankfurt
Raum 805

Phone: ++49-69-798-22557
Fax: ++49-69-798-28856
Email: evequoz@math.uni-frankfurt.de


Research interests

  • Strongly indefinite problems for PDEs
  • Nonlinear Schrödinger and Helmholtz equations
  • Bifurcation and continuation for ODE and PDE problems
  • Variational and topological methods




Summer term 2014 Analysis 1 (Math BSc + L3, 1st semester)
Winter term 2013/14 Mathematische und statistische Methoden für Pharmazeuten (Pharmacy, 1st semester)
Summer term 2013 Analysis 1 (Math BSc + L3, 1st semester)

Seminars and Exercise sessions (recent)

Summer term 2016 Blockseminar "Integraltransformationen und ihre Anwendungen" with Prof. Dr. Tobias Weth (Math BSc + MSc)
Summer term 2015 Blockseminar "Partielle Differentialgleichungen in Anwendungsbeispielen" with Prof. Dr. Tobias Weth (Math BSc + MSc)
Winter term 2014/15 Exercise session for the course "Ergänzungen zur linearen Funktionalanalysis" (Math BSc + MSc)
Winter term 2014/15 Exercise session for the course "Analysis II" (Math BSc + L3)
Summer term 2014 Blockseminar "Konvexität und Anwendungen" with Prof. Dr. Tobias Weth (Math BSc + MSc)



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