Molecular Medicine

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The Institute


The Institute for Molecular Medicine dedicates its research to a better understanding of the immune system which protects us from a broad array of pathogens and from cancer. Within the realm of Immunology, our major research interests focus on the biology of innate lymphocyte, early guardians of the immune systems, as well as on the development of T lymphocytes, central regulators of powerful adaptive immune responses. Elucidation of the thymic development of T cells as well as of the molecular recognition and activation pathways of innate lymphocytes will not only provide a better understanding of these basic immune functions, but also open new avenues for therapies of cancer and autoimmune diseases. Accordingly, we also have a profound interest to translate our findings into clinically relevant applications.

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Master Program

Since October 2013 (WS 2013/14) a M.Sc. study program in Molecular Medicine is offered by the Faculty of Medicine of the Goethe-University. The 2-years research-based program focuses on the theoretical and experimental training in the areas of cardiovascular research, oncology, immunology and molecular pharmacology. The M.Sc. program Molecular Medicine starts once every year in fall.

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