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Paleontology and Biogeochemistry Group
Prof. Jens O. Herrle

B.Sc and M.Sc projects

B.Sc and M.Sc projects are available along the following line:

Studying Ceno- and Mesozoic paleoceanographic and paleoclimatic changes, from high- and low-latitudes, to ascertain the various mechanisms by which organic- and carbonate-rich sediments were formed and how this relates to the evolution of marine microorganisms.

Using a combined microfossil and geochemical approach to date and understand the distribution and formation of organic- and carbonate-rich sediments.

Studying the impact of extreme surface water warming and cooling on the evolution of marine ecosystems in marginal seas and open oceans during the Ceno- and Mesozoic.

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Prof. Dr. Jens O. Herrle
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Institute of Geosciences
Goethe University Frankfurt
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