Dr. Bartosz Więckowski

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E-Mail: wieckowski[at]em.uni-frankfurt.de
Raum:  IG 2.417
Telefon:  798-32805
Fax:  798-32792
Anschrift:  Institut für Philosophie
Norbert-Wollheim-Platz 1
60629 Frankfurt am Main

  • Biography:

Dr. phil., Tübingen, 2007. I specialize in logic and philosophy of language. I did research and taught at the universities of Rostock, Tübingen, Greifswald, and Frankfurt am Main. I have been a visiting scholar at New York University (Philosophy Department) and a visitor to the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology (Computer Science Department). I received research grants from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the German Research Foundation (DFG).

Currently, I am the principal investigator of the DFG-funded research project 'The proof-theoretic structure of counterfactual inference'.

  • Recent publications:

Intuitionistic multi-agent subatomic natural deduction for belief and knowledge, Journal of Logic and Computation 31(3): 704-770. Special issue on External and Internal Calculi for Non-Classical Logics edited by A. Ciabattoni, D. Galmiche, N. Olivetti, and R. Ramanayake, 2021.

Subatomic negation, Journal of Logic, Language and Information, 30(1): 207-262, 2021.