Applicants need to hold a Bachelor degree related to Molecular Medicine and have to be proficient in both English (Level B1) and German (Level C1):

  • Bachelor degree in Molecular Medicine or
    a degree in Human Medicine or
    a degree in a related or comparable study programme such as Biochemistry, Molecular Biology (with a standard study period of at least 6 semesters)
  • Good English language skills (niveau B1) can be proven by:
    1. high school diploma (A-levels diploma), or
    2. corresponding high school certificates and transcripts rated no lower than "adequate" (4.0), or
    3. certification of classes in english for 5 years, or
    4. certification of successfully completed language courses (with at least 120 proven hours of instruction time) from a German and/or or foreign university, or
    5. lecturers (or other experts) report on language proficiency acquired through international residency, university language courses, or self-study; or
    6. other certificate recognized as equivalent by the selection committee.
  • Applicants with an international university entrance qualification and Bachelor's degree must prove sufficient German language skills according to the regulations of the Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang (DSH), the German language test for university entrance.

Please note that while provisional certificates are accepted if the applicant does not hold a Bachelor's degree at the time point of application yet, admission is not possible with less than 144 ECTS points and a Bachelor certificate must be handed in during the first semester. If the candidate does have a degree in a study program which might be related to Molecular Medicine: if the study program at hand is considered related or not will be checked as part of the application procedure based on the provided documents. Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to determine whether a study program is related or not outside of the application process.