The library of the Wilhelm Merton Centre is integrated to the library for law and economics.

Since November 2008, it has been integrated into the new Law and Economics Library (BRuW) and is located there in the basement (overview plan BRuW basement).

The library's location code in the OPAC of the University of Frankfurt is MZ. The library's shelf mark contains MZ  in OPAC.

In the library of the Wilhelm Merton Centre you will find literature on European Law and International Law, particularly foreign monographs and journals. The current journals are collected in room RuW 3.134.

Note on literature research:

The content of multi-author publications (journals, Festschriften) is not evaluated in the OPAC. However, individual articles are recorded in the electronic catalogue of the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law in Heidelberg. The MPI offers a keyword search function and article documentation for research. For research in international and European law, it is therefore advisable to proceed in two steps:
(1) Acquisition of the literature published on a subject area with the MPI's keyword search and article documentation,
(2) Search for the researched works in the holdings of the Merton Library and other libraries of the University of Frankfurt using the OPAC.

The electronic catalogue of the Peace Palace Library also offers an excellent search option for books and articles on international law.

The Electronic Information System for International Law of the American Society of International Law as well as the International Law Research Guides of Columbia Law School or the International, Foreign & Comparative Law Research Guides of Harvard Law School are also helpful for research.

Suggestions for acquisition:

If you are missing a book in the Merton Library that fits thematically, you are welcome to suggest the work for acquisition, preferably by email, stating the author, title, publisher, year of publication and ISBN.